Matthew 13

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Then He spoke many things to them in parables, saying: “Behold, a sower went out to sow.

– Matthew 13:3

This is the beginning of the parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. In fact later in the chapter we read that without a parable Jesus did not speak to the multitudes. As a fulfillment of prophecy, Jesus taught the people the mysteries of the kingdom of God in short narratives with deep spiritual meaning.

We could literally spend weeks talking about the parables of Matthew 13. These short stories are deep mines of truth and you’d do well to dig deeper into them. If thats something you’re interested in, here are a few resource recommendations to help you in your study.

The Parables of Jesus” by James Montgomery Boyce

The Parables of Jesus” by William Barclay

Parables: The Mysteries of God’s Kingdom Revealed Through the Stories Jesus Told” by John MacArthur

Today’s Goal

Spend some deeper time getting to know the Parables of Jesus. You’ll find some deep truths of His kingdom hidden under the surface.

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