Mark 13

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“But when they arrest you and deliver you up, do not worry beforehand, or premeditate what you will speak. But whatever is given you in that hour, speak that; for it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit.

– Mark 13:11

Many a unprepared pastor has used this verse to say that God, by His Spirit, will provide a message for them to speak—though they’ve failed to plan and prepare properly. I’m not going to speak ill of such an (out of context) interpretation, on the grounds that my testimony may be self-incriminating. 😉 The actual interpretation of this passage is, however, much more encouraging to more than just ill-prepared preachers.

I think every maturing Christian has had the thought at one point or another, “Would I be able, under the threat of suffering and persecution, to maintain faithfulness to Christ? Would I, if my family was going to suffer before my eyes, be able to be strong in my witness of Him? Or would I fail?” You’ve thought it! I know you have. I have… and Jesus has a word for us. “DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! Don’t think about it before hand or try to premeditate your answer. I’ll give you the words when you need them.” That is some of the best news ever!

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