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"So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God."

Romans 10:17

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What is The Listening Plan?

As I was preparing a class on history and makeup of the Bible, I prepared a spreadsheet to calculate the number of chapters in the Old and New Testaments. When the total 260 came up for the New Testament, it caught my eye. I quickly did a search on my phone, “Siri, how many week days are there this year.” A second later, the answer came back, “There are 260 week days this year, Miles.”


Annually there are between 260 and 261 week days in a year, and there just so happens to be 260 chapters in the New Testament. That seems to me to be a great coincidence.


I don’t think there is anyone in the Church that would disagree that Bible reading is important for the follower of Jesus. In the New Testament the Scriptures are spoken of as milk and meat by which we are nourished and grow. In the Old Testament it is said that the Scriptures are to be treasured “more than my necessary food.” The Word of God is living and powerful. It is sweeter than honey; a light to guide us and more to be desired than gold.


Although the majority of churchgoers may know these things to be true, many do not engage with God’s Word regularly. My goal is to change that.


Every January 1st millions of Christians set out to begin new Bible reading plans that are intended to lead the reader through the entirety of the Bible in a year. But the attrition rate is staggering. Many don’t make it—with consistency—beyond Genesis. The 3-6 chapter a day reading plans are ambitious, but perhaps overly so.


I want to help you succeed at making God’s word a regular part of your day by doing two very simple things.


1. Stop Reading
2. Start Listening


This is what The Listening Plan is all about. Here we make consistent engagement with the Bible simple. Become a listener by receiving the daily reading passage directly in your inbox every morning, and see how God’s Word will impact and transform your life.